As Yayla family, our aim since the first day we started to operate is to progress in line with the principles that carry up a quality service, successful employees and corporate image.

Again, considering these principles, we create a human resource profile with the selection of appropriately competent personnel who emphasize the team spirit with the wishes and productivity, motivation and experience of our employees.

At the same time, with our internship programs, we aim to guide students who can be our potential employees in the future, who have dynamic, strong human relations, who love to act in team dynamics, who are creative and open to innovation, in choosing a field of study by keeping their career path open.

We bring our employees to high performance with effective in-service trainings and subject them to evaluation systems with elements such as working, training and development according to their abilities.

Thus, it is aimed to improve the work processes by determining the expectations of our employees and understanding their attitudes towards the job and the work outcomes they create, increasing their commitment to the organization, creating motivating working environments and labor productivity, and taking into account their suggestions and expectations.

In this way, we are taking quick steps towards becoming the preferred employer and the best workplace.

The health and safety of our employees is part of our in-house culture.

With trainings in accordance with the principles of Occupational Health and Safety, we provide a safe working environment and conditions by raising the awareness of the employees about taking measures, making suggestions and seeing the risk.

As Yayla Agro Gıda, we attach great importance to our corporate image. For this reason, our responsibilities to the job and our employees, our sensitivity to the environment, our transparent, fair and honest approaches to our customers are among our main principles.

Yayla Agro Gıda considers the creation and maintenance of a fair working environment for employees as one of its most important priorities. It is aimed to increase the success, development and commitment of the employees by creating a fair, respectful, healthy and safe working environment in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Human resources policies and practices ensure that all other practices such as recruitment, promotion-transfer-rotation, remuneration, reward, social rights etc. are fair. It is unacceptable to discriminate between employees within the organization due to language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons. We ensure that the personal rights of the employees are used fully and correctly. We treat employees honestly and fairly and commit to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We make the necessary efforts for the individual development of our employees, support them to volunteer for appropriate social and social activities with a sense of social responsibility, and observe the balance between business life and private life.