Real and Legal Persons with Direct 5% or More Shares or Voting Rights in the Capital
Name-Surname/Commercial Title of the Partner Share in Capital (TL) Share in Capital (%) Voting Rights Rate(%)
HASAN GÜMÜŞ 401,600,000 84,98 92,13
OTHER 71,000,000 15,02 7,87
TOTAL 472,600,000 100 100

*Reservation Notification: These rates are calculated within the framework of the shareholding information recorded in the Central Registry System by the members of the Central Registry Agency. The Central Registry Agency has no commitment that it is a guarantor or guarantor, express or implied, for the accuracy and completeness of this information.

** Purchases and sales that have not yet been exchanged are not taken into account in the calculation of the rates.

*** In capital increase processes, total capital and partnership shares are updated according to the amount of use of pre-emptive rights or transfers to investor accounts related to free capital increase. For this reason, the table can change every day during the capital increase process.