Yayla Gourmet

Life is yours, stay healthy

Yayla Agro Gıda, which enriches its product range with very special flavors from Turkey and the world over time, enlivens the kitchens with gourmet flavors with its Yayla Gourmet series. Seeds such as quinoa, chia and flaxseed, which are highly nutritious and preferred by those who pay attention to their food, health and weight, are also included in this category with the healthy eating trend that has increased in recent years. Yayla Agro Gıda introduces these special flavors to the cuisines in many countries of the world with its Gourmet series, which includes thousands of years of Siyez and Firik bulghur of Mesopotamia and Anatolia, the homeland of wheat, while carrying the world flavors from South America to Asia to Turkish cuisines. Yayla Gourmet Series, which attracts attention with its special packaging: red quinoa, black quinoa, white quinoa, mixed quinoa, frickin bulghur, einkorn bulghur, chia seeds, white chia seeds, beluga lentils, mung beans, basmati rice, sushi rice, black rice, risotto rice, buckwheat, teff and amaranth.