Yayla Gourmet Fit

Life is yours, stay healthy

Yayla Agro Gourmet Food offers bulghur rice mixtures enriched with various vegetables and legumes in Yayla Gourmet Fit product series that makes life easier. All you need for Yayla Gourmet Fit, which does not require pre-processing or washing, to turn into rice is to put the mixture in the pot and combine it with oil, salt and water. In the Yayla Gourmet Fit series, which gives Bulghur its crown and the value it deserves: there are many options such as tomato bulghur, pepper frik bulghur, chia bulghur, mixed vegetable bulghur, red quinoa bulghur, chickpea bulghur, green lentil and tomato bulghur, greengrocer bulghur, green lentil and tomato einkorn bulghur.