It is of great importance to apply and advance sustainable and  continuanceable agricultural methods in order to meet the needs of future generations and to eat healthy and right.

Especially in today's world, where small seeds are important enough to protect the future and ensure the continuity of generations, it is very important for us to use sustainable agricultural methods and grow our products with this method.

As Yayla Agro Gıda San ve Tic. A.Ş., we prefer our products and raw materials of our products from the products carefully produced by using sustainable agricultural methods in various regions of our country and the world, and we act with the aim of a more livable world for tomorrow.

We carry out awareness raising activities by providing our farmers with the necessary trainings in this regard and as a result of our intensive efforts with our investments, we get the value of our efforts when we bring our sustainable agricultural crops to your tables. We are creating our product range by being aware of the importance of the steps taken in the name of sustainable agriculture to adapt to the changing world with the increasing world population, crowded cities and business models.

We address our customers with our "Ready Meal" and "Boiled" product group in order to respond to the increasing fast production and fast consumption habits.

As a result of our investments in sustainable agriculture and R&D studies, we are producing both fast and developable and for a healthy world for tomorrow.

In our contracted agricultural policy, we share the goal of "Sustainable Agriculture" in the fight against hunger in the world with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and make investments in this regard.